Tips Agreement

For more information, please see The tips site provides step-by-step instructions on how to become a member. The process is fast and free. It is, however, specific to the directives of the State or organization. Please see this link for membership instructions and documents: The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS) is sponsored by the Region VIII Educational Services Center (ESC8) at 4845 US Highway 271 North, Pittsburg, Texas (Camp County) and managed by the 8 ESC Board of Directors. The interlocal purchasing system can be used by all public and private schools, universities, universities, cities, counties and other government agencies. All contracts awarded under the TIPS/TAPS programme were awarded under the tender procedure and were awarded a contract by the Tips/TAPS Board of Directors. These excellent suppliers have agreed to provide the best prices and conditions to TIPS/TAPS members. Contract number: 200301 Furniture, furnishings and services (2) Awarded to: Via, Inc. (“via headquarters”) Contract duration: 25.05.2018 to 31.05.2023 The benefits of using TIPS are available to educational, governmental and non-profit agencies. This is not limited to: K-12 school districts, charter schools, private schools, universities, public authorities, municipalities, townships, parking districts, churches, charities, counties and other institutions with legal obligation to purchase/tender. . For offers, requests or to learn more about the TIPS contract process, please contact Kevin Scheirer at or 207.541.2200.

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