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Additional requirements – Only mobile app-in products. You cannot respond to mobile application products by sending additional executable code to the software application or game (and you will not submit an in-app mobile application product requiring additional executable code delivery to be included in the program). Ensure that all mobile app-in products purchased by an end-user (with fewer consumer in-app products) are delivered and usable to all copies of the corresponding mobile app installed by that end-user on any device (including all copies of the mobile app installed or reinstalled in the future); However, if your product description clearly states (at the time of an end user`s first purchase) that content and/or subscription services are only available if the end user has an active subscription, you are not obligated to provide and enable the use of end-user subscription content and services at the end of the end-user subscription. Reward and reward codes. You can use the Moments service to offer end-users of your apps free or discounted products, made available by Amazon or other websites that we make available (“Rewards”), when end-users of your apps take some action. For every action taken by an end user, we provide you with a URL, discount code, balance or other means to allow the end user to access the reward (all “reward codes”). The following requirements apply to all premium codes we make available to you. You can`t resell the premium codes. You only use reward codes in connection with the time campaign for which they were provided. You ensure reward codes and ensure that only your employees or agents involved in implementing the Moments campaign have access to reward codes.

You won`t change premium codes or create additional bonus codes. They will destroy all unstover reward codes within two days of the cashing deadline set in the Moment campaign or the end of that calendar. They distribute premium codes exclusively to residents of the countries or territories that we specify are allowed for these premium codes. Unless written permission to the contrary, each person can only receive a unique reward code and no reward code can be used or distributed more than once. Your communication with end-users with reward codes should include: the retail value of the reward code, the reward collection process and the terms of your moments campaign. They will respect all the constraints we set for the distribution of premium codes. Amazon Underground Apps. You can submit one of your mobile apps that meet the eligibility requirements below to be included in Amazon Underground.

We keep the only discretion over the underground Amazon apps that we make available via Amazon Underground. Underground apps and in-app products that purchase end-users through Amazon Underground are considered “purchased” for the purposes of this agreement (except for the calculation of royalties). Distribution. You hereafter grant us the non-exclusive and irrevocable right (subject to sections 6 and 7 of this calendar) to sell, distribute and distribute your applications through the program and to make available to end-users in the territory, either by any means of electronic distribution available or in the future.