Dtc Conductor Contract Agreement

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) explained the interview schedule for the appointment of the conductor on a contractual basis. Applicants can check the brief notification of DTC-www.dtc.nic.in`s official website. Apart from the other documents, applicants must bring the valid conductor`s license, valid first aid, identification procedure, disability certificate (for PHP candidates). “Such cases most often occur when passengers from other states board these buses and are not aware of the practice of drivers (on their seats),” the petition states. The problem was made before the court in a PIL of Delhi resident Santosh Kumar, who said head of DTC and cluster buses never move through the bus to make sure that each of them was issued a ticket and rather sat in their scheduled seat. The court gave the Delhi government and DTC their views on the plea calling for rules or guidelines that require drivers to issue tickets to all passengers boarding a bus. Abraham said in several states, conductors move around the bus that issues tickets, but this is not the case in Delhi. “But despite such a provision, DTC and cluster bus leaders in Delhi refuse to follow this direction by issuing tickets while sitting in the conductor`s seat, instead of moving from the front side to the back of the bus and making sure the passenger bus picks up the ticket from each bus stop at the departure stop at the final stop. During the brief hearing, Judge Rao found that in Andhra Pradesh controllers go to the passengers` homes to issue them tickets. Delhi`s Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the AAP government how it will ensure that DTC bus executives and clusters go to passengers to issue tickets against the dominant practice of people who go to them.

A chief justice bank Rajendra Menon and Judge V K Rao said that in the agreement between the Delhi government and cluster bus operators, there is a clause that stipulates that conductors must go to each passenger and issue them a ticket. According to the DTC`s brief communication, the interview will begin from October 30, 2019 and continue until November 08, 2019. Applicants should note that the appointment will be under contract for a short period of time (first for one year and then on the waiting list under the provisions of the DTC).