Cs Collective Agreement Sick Leave

B9.06 When a worker is on sick leave with pay and the service injury is then allowed for the same period, the fact that the worker has not received sick leave with pay is taken into account for the purposes of the sick leave balance sheet. Subject to the employer`s professional requirements and with at least five (5) days` notice, a single period of up to seven decimal hours is granted to the worker during each fiscal year, five (7.5) hours of paid leave to work as a volunteer for a non-profit or non-profit organization or activity, with the exception of activities related to the Canadian government`s charitable campaign in the workplace. B5.02 A worker who is absent on the full work day immediately before the full day and the full working day immediately after paid leave is not entitled to the payment of leave, unless the worker is on leave without payment under Section C5 for personnel matters. You can also apply for leave due to illness or injury. Although this type of leave is not covered by your collective agreement or its terms of employment, it is provided for in Appendix B of the Leave and Special Work Plans Directive. If you are not a member of headquarters, read your supervisor or human resources advisor. 21. Leave for medical and dental appointments of Treasury Board staff is part of the employer`s leave policy. As such, it is not part of the collective agreement and is not subject to appeal in the event of arbitration or decision. It should be noted that prior to 1971, the collective agreement provided that workers would receive a bank of special leave credits up to 25 days for marriage leave, funeral leave, leave for the birth of a child and leave “for other reasons” (including illness in immediate family and medical and dental appointments). When this provision was removed from the collective agreement, the employer stated that it would continue to provide workers with appointment leave, which is reflected in the employer`s leave policy. B21.06 When a payment is made under this section, the employer strives to make this payment within six (6) weeks from the end of the salary period during which the worker requests the payment or, if the payment is necessary to liquidate the compensatory leave not used at the end of the fiscal year, the employer will endeavour to make this payment within six (6) weeks after the start of the first period of pay.

march 31. When a worker is called back to work during leave or compensatory leave, the worker is reimbursed at a reasonable fee, as normally set by the employer, which is incurred by the worker: the sick leave credits earned but not used are not paid upon termination of the public service. 8. The employer`s decision to validate a medical certificate for part of a period of leave, but for another party covering the same illness, cannot be defensible before an arbitrator, but depends on the individual circumstances of each case. The worker retains the amount of leave with the salary paid by the employer to the employer at the time of the signing of this agreement or at the time of the signing of this agreement.